Our recent projects have shifted gears a bit to focus on creating lots of social content and branding images. When we’re creating for a brand our goal is always to capture the essence of how that object, person, or place makes you FEEL. For Covalt Station in Milford, we want to transport you to an old cabin somewhere probably by a lake. Your eyes won’t stop wandering over all the little odds and ends to see what you will discover next. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Covalt before and after images make sure to take a look at those too. Covalt had a lot of new retail to share including the Covalt brand rye whiskey from Northside Distilling and new retail including hats, t-shirts, gift cards, books and more.

Then in a completely different realm you’ll find MECCA OTR. We wanted to share the energy of the nightlife, the music, and the weirdness MECCA is known for. The goal for MECCA was to bring an updated current look to their new winter happy hour menu and capture some current staff images.

Both brands include project shots, interiors, and people just shared in completely unique ways. If you’re interested in social content for your brand too we would be happy to chat. Just shoot us a message through our contact page or click the link at the bottom.