Located in Milford & Terrace park, Covalt Station bar & restaurant has been in the works for two years. Another complete renovation from top to bottom. Inspired by the surrounding area – the water, the history, the neighborhoods, and family experiences. Working together with our family, The Santoro’s we pulled from combined memories and family trips to create a nostalgic feel, like you’re at your favorite vacation spot.

We love a good before & after. Beauty is all around us, you just have to look for it. If you aren’t familiar, the building located at 222 Wooster Pike was formerly The Garden Shack, a much loved Terrace Park staple selling gorgeous hanging baskets. Garden Shack baskets are still featured as an homage to the loverly family who owned the building for many years.

interior of covalt station in terrace park and old milford

Covalt Station Milford

Covalt Station Milford

Covalt Station Milford

To learn more check out “Cincinnati restaurateur Joe Creighton opens Covalt Station in Milford,” in the Business Courier. If you aren’t a subscriber, the article briefly mentions some of Joe’s previous concepts (also featured on this site – Mecca OTR, The Rookwood, Cheapside Cafe),  some insight into his family and motivations behind choosing Milford\Terrace Park.

Currently, we’ve been soft opening after 5pm Tues-Saturday to train employees and get into the swing of things.